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Element Tower Defense will be coming to DotA 2! We've got a working alpha. You can help by suggesting models to use here. The release itself is targeted for early next year. Discuss it here.
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The StarCraft 2 Arcade is now free for everyone. Download it here today and play Element TD!
StarCraft 2 Version 1.48
Learn more about this version of Element TD here.
Looking For WarCraft 3?
Download the last official WarCraft 3 version here. You can view the tower stats for the WarCraft 3 version here. You can also view the creep stats for the WarCraft 3 version here.

Element Tower Defense

Element TD is an eight player WarCraft 3 and StarCraft 2 Tower Defense. Following the tradition of past Tower Defenses, invading hordes follow a specific path from start to finish. Your job is to halt them in their tracks. Towers must be built, creeps must be killed, victory must be earned!

A Proliferation of Strategy!

Whereas traditional Tower Defense overlooks armor type and attack type, Element Tower Defense creates its own world wherein each invading horde and attacking tower has a specific corresponding element.

Each element takes additional damage from the element preceding it and retains near-invulnerability from the element following it. The circle of elements goes as follows:

Light > Darkness > Water > Fire > Nature > Earth > Light...

Is That All?

Element TD contains a unique form of leveling up defensive towers. Beginning at level 5 and for every 5 levels after that, the player chooses an Elemental Guardian to summon. These guardians channel the secrets of deep and powerful elemental magik, and when killed they grant the user the use of a specific element.

These elements either infuse existing towers with their specific qualities or inhabit their own, specialized elemental tower. The user can combine elements and create unique dual and triple element towers. No two elemental towers are alike in Element Tower Defense.

The positioning and selection of towers is the essential strategy of this game, and that requires attention to detail and calculation. The same characteristics that make for a good Tower Defense player also make for a winning online poker player.

The Devil's in the Details...

Each element combines with another element to create a unique dual tower, and each dual tower can combine with a third and separate element to create a triple element tower. There are 15 dual towers and 20 triple towers in this Tower Defense.

Each element can be chosen again up to three times total. Higher levels of elements allows for the upgrade to higher tiers of elemental towers. Towers may only be upgraded if all of their component elements have been brought to the appropriate level. In Element Tower Defense, better towers are only available by killing more Elemental Guardians.

The Rich Get Richer?

While players' instincts might be to build as strong a defense as they can manage in a Tower Defense, you are rewarded for putting off building that expensive tower and hoarding your resources in Element TD. Every 15 seconds, all players gain interest on their unspent resources to the tune of 2% of their current cash. This bonus can make or break your game depending on how it is used.

In allowing some resources to accumulate, you may find that early level creeps sneak past your defenses. However, Element Tower Defense does not trade off money lost in kills for money gained by hoarding. Players no longer lose resources for missing out on a crucial creep kill. In this Tower Defense, leaked creeps respawn at the start of the path. This gives you another chance at the bounty they carry, but gives the creep another chance at you.