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Evan Hatampour's Profile

Evan "Karawasa" Hatampour


Evan started developing Element TD back in 2006. He began with the goal of producing a quality tower defense for WarCraft 3. His ambitions quickly grew after seeing the immense popularity enjoyed by Element TD. Evan's vision continues to lead Element Studios LLC a decade later with multiple games under development. By day he is a software engineer, by night he is a game developer. Evan is also a political junkie and a world traveler.

Song Tan's Profile

Song Tan

Unity Developer

Song has been a fanatic gamer ever since he got his first PC. He was an Electronic Engineering major until he stumbled upon Unity and game developing during his last year at university. Since then he has been spending his time working on various Unity related projects, trying to make his mark on the game industry. His works include TowerDefense-ToolKit and TurnBased-ToolKit in the Unity Asset Store. He spends his time working on his own indie game MechCorp in addition to Element Studios LLC. Although he doesn’t game much now, Song still loves to occasionally indulge himself in a gaming spree that can last for days.

Antonio La Barbera's Profile

Antonio La Barbera


Antonio is a creative artist who moved to the UK to get experience and develop his skills as a Concept Artists. With a traditional artistic background Antonio has strong basics of painting, drawing, and colour theory. He always loved playing games but it wasn’t enough so he wanted to make them as well. His wide experience with games, it gives him an analytic eye while creating them, useful to push the projects to an even better standard. Few years later he moved to London. Since then Antonio has been working with different clients building high quality games. He also likes to watch movies which are a main font of inspiration for him but most of all he loves coffee.

Brian Inboden's Profile

Brian “tyrant” Inboden

Game Designer

When he isn’t busy petting his corgi, discussing the relative merits of different variants of single-origin coffee beans, or yelling at his computer screen while playing video games, Brian can be found fiendishly jotting notes down for absurd design ideas and balance while blasting music loud enough to irk his neighbors. An 8 year veteran of Blizzard Entertainment, during which time he primarily focused on World of Warcraft class and encounter balance and design analysis, he has been a life-long devotee of computers and video games. Brian has been involved in competitive Counter-strike and top WoW raiding guilds for many years, but now primarily focuses on exploring audio engineering and software programming in his spare time.

Nathan Gaul's Profile

Nathan Gaul


Nathan is an artist and animator with a decade of experience providing assets for television animation and casual gaming productions. Nathan studied art fundamentals at Sheridan college before moving on to Animation - gaming at Seneca college. His passion for gaming and animating was forged in the light of video games during countless hours of couch co-op adventures with friends. With a design sensibility nurtured by The Muppets and Looney Tunes, Nathan continues to create content with one purpose; To put a smile on as many faces as possible..

Dan Farley's Profile

Dan Farley

Audio Designer

Dan is an Audio Designer and Composer from the UK, who is passionate about bringing games to life through his sound and music. He was introduced to the guitar at the age of nine, and went on to learn Audio Recording and Production at college. Dan continues to pursue his love for audio and games by studying Music Composition and Technology for Games at Hertfordshire University, during which he became a certified Unity and UE4 asset publisher. His style draws inspiration from some of his favourite games such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft and Hyper Light Drifter. When not creating and exploring concepts with audio, Dan can be found cycling, listening to music or playing games with friends.

Anton Kagounkin Magdalina's Profile

Anton Kagounkin Magdalina

Mobile Artist

Anton was always an art ninja, from the day he was born in Moscow. He had 12 years of education and training in Russia followed by another 6 years in the United States. His experience includes fine art drawing and painting, monumental painting, fresco, mural, stained glass, mosaic, digital work from concepts, comic books, user interface design, illustrations, and sculpting. He has freelanced for studios like Blizzard, Stone Blade, and Cognito Comics to name a few. During his free time, Anton paints miniatures, picks on his little bro, and bothers friends at inconvenient times.

Stuart Hwang's Profile

Stuart "WindStrike" Hwang

Game Designer

Stuart is dedicated towards making Element TD the best tower defense there is, with over a thousand hours spent on trying different builds, balance testing, playtesting new modes, and helping design the game. He's been playing since the WarCraft 3 version, and after extensive playing of the StarCraft 2 version, he joined the dev team. He also works on his own tabletop game, experimenting with innovative ideas that break rules of the genre. In his free time, he enjoys cooking by throwing random stuff together and seeing what happens, theory-crafting game design and story ideas, and playing some Dota 2.

Mike Van Peursem's Profile

Mike Van Peursem

Mobile Developer

Michael has close to 9 years of experience developing solutions to real business problems. Highlights include traveling internationally for work, training other developers to utilize systems he built, and mentoring other developers. In the past he has worked on projects for a number of companies including Intel, Best Buy, Anderson Windows, and Jamba Juice being the most well known. He is a certified .Net developer, with 8 seperate certifications under his belt. In his free time he likes programming, building legos, and doing genealogy research.

Martin Noya's Profile

Martin Noya

Dota 2 Developer

A true Dota modding addict, Noya has been actively developing custom games since the very beginning, leading projects such as Warchasers, Pimp my Peon, Footmen Frenzy or even going full-circle with a remake of Warcraft 3 itself. Now given the chance to bring back Element TD, he will go to great lengths to make sure it is the best Tower Defense in the workshop. When not busy scripting for the next big title release while listening to classic metal music, Martin also takes care of a Computer Engineering degree.

Anthony Guerrera's Profile

Anthony Guerrera

Dota 2 Developer

Anthony is enthusiastic about developing mods played by many around the world. Since beginning game modding in 2011, he has developed the Weeping Angels for Minecraft, Slide Ninja Slide and Sheep Tag in Dota 2 and continues to improve upon these to this day. When his time isn’t being consumed by developing mods or on other projects, he enjoys spending time out with friends, as well as being out on the water while he completes his Engineering degree in Sydney.

Vlad Marica's Profile

Vlad Marica

Dota 2 Developer

Starting game development at a very young age, Vlad originally developed several popular Minecraft mods. He was introduced to the world of Dota custom games with an offer to help port Element TD. Some time later, the role of lead developer for Element TD was passed to Martin and Anthony so he could focus on his degree in Computer Science.